Go Natural: Use Herbs to Boost Testosterone

Herbs in a Mortar | PinnacleMensHealthBaltimore.com
Can certain herbs increase testosterone levels naturally? The answer is yes. Studies have found that herbs that can be used as testosterone boosters. This means that they can increase the amount of available testosterone that your body already generates.  These herbs include:

Tribulus Terrestris
The use of tribulus terrestris (commonly referred to as tribulus) in herbal medicine dates back centuries. The most recent studies that were done on animals showed increased libido and testosterone levels. A 90-day study which consisted of men with erectile dysfunction showed a 16% increase in testosterone levels.

Based on studies to date, about 500 mg. per day is the amount needed to effectively boost testosterone levels. It can also improve sexual overall sexual function in healthy men and men with deficient testosterone levels.

The use of this herb comes from its use in Ancient Indian medicine. One study where infertile men used the herb found that 14% of the participants’ partners became pregnant. The men in the study had an increase in testosterone levels between 10% and 22%.

Many natural testosterone-boosting supplements are on the market today, but only a handful of them have had enough studies done to conclude they are effective.  If you think you may be having issues with low testosterone and may need testosterone optimization therapy due to experiencing symptoms such as low sex drive, decreased energy levels, lack of enthusiasm for life give the experts at Pinnacle Men’s Health a call.  We’ll help you determine if testosterone replacement therapy is right for you. Every new patient appointment at Pinnacle Men’s Health starts with an in-depth review of a patient’s medical history and includes a blood test to determine PSA and testosterone levels. The doctors and staff at Pinnacle Men’s Health will provide you with expert advice and treatment for low testosterone in Baltimore, give Pinnacle Men’s Health a call to schedule a consultation.