All-Natural Treatment for Peyronie’s Disease

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Peyronie’s disease can be frustrating, embarrassing, and painful for men. Studies show 1% – 23% of all men may be affected to varying degrees. This condition may have quite a negative impact on erections and, in turn, sexual performance. The resulting feeling of an overall reduced quality of life can feel overwhelming.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is frequently linked to Peyronie’s disease:  areas of hardened scar tissue called plaques form on the penis, making it less flexible and causing it to bend. If the curve is especially severe, the man may not be able to have intercourse. It is a psychologically traumatic condition that lowers men’s self-esteem and frequently stresses relationships.

Penile pain can be present with or without an erection. In some cases, the pain can go away on its own, but in most cases it persists or worsens. Fortunately, there is hope for those who suffer from this condition. Peyronie’s disease is treatable. Even better news is that it is also curable. There are several treatments available. Out of these treatments, one all natural treatment stands out–  the Priapus shot. Also called the P-shot, it is an amazingly effective all-natural treatment. The treatment works by administering platelet rich plasma directly to the penis. It causes penile growth, and increases blood flow by improving systemic function. The P-shot may be used in conjunction with other treatments, such as medications and penis pumps.

Successful treatment of this condition can be life changing in the best ways imaginable! If you’re looking for a physician who specializes in diagnosing and treating Peyronie’s disease or any other type of erectile dysfunction treatment in Baltimore, contact today.