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What to Expect When Undergoing Testosterone Replacement Therapy

man walking across a wooden bridgeSo you’ve had your first appointment at Pinnacle Men’s Health in Baltimore, and your blood test revealed that you suffer from abnormally low levels of testosterone – what now? Your doctor at Pinnacle Men’s Health will create a customized testosterone replacement therapy plan to suit your individual needs. This process is designed to help you regain your testosterone levels and help you sustain them. Here’s what to expect when you undergo treatment at Pinnacle Men’s Health:

Your Sex Drive Will Increase

Testosterone is responsible for fueling your libido, so when you start to increase testosterone levels in your body you will begin see improvements in your sex drive. As you go through treatment your libido may even be restored to what it was before you turned 30. If you are dealing with ED, you may find that it is easier for you to get and maintain and erection with continued treatment.

You’ll Feel More Energetic

Chronically low levels of testosterone can cause fatigue and a general lack of energy. As you go through testosterone replacement therapy in Baltimore you will find that you have more energy – not only for sex, but for your everyday tasks as well!

You May Lose Weight

Testosterone helps men regulate their metabolism, so as you go through therapy, you may find weight dropping off with minimal effort. You may also notice a positive difference in muscle tone. With a healthy exercise plan added on to your testosterone replacement therapy, you can transform your body into the fit, healthy body it was meant to be.

You May Experience Improved Mental Clarity & Health

One of the side effects of low testosterone is memory loss. While many of us see this as a normal part of aging, this isn’t necessarily true. Many men who undergo testosterone replacement therapy find renewed mental clarity. The treatment can also help with depression – another side effect of Low-T.

If you have not yet made your appointment with Pinnacle Men’s Health in Baltimore, the best time to do so is now. On your first visit you will receive a simple blood test to determine if you suffer from Low-T, and then you can begin your custom treatment plan. Are you ready to experience increased sex drive, increased energy, improved mental clarity, and many other positive effects? Make your appointment today

Have You Tried Viagra and Other ED Drugs with No Success?

packets of viagraAs men age, they often find themselves relying on medications like Viagra, Levitra, or Cialis in order to get and maintain an erection. While these ED medications work well for some men, they don’t work for every man. Many men think that if these pills fail, then their penis is just broken and cannot work properly again. This is far from the case. This all has to do with how these medications function. Not every case of ED has the same root causes, which could be why Viagra, Levitra or Cialis may not work for you.

What These Medications Do

Levitra, Viagra, and Cialis are PDE5 inhibitors. They simply increase blood flow to the penis and relax smooth muscles in order to cause an erection. These medications all work in the same way, but can affect each person differently. There are also other things, like eating heavy meals before taking them, that can reduce their effectiveness.

Reasons They May Not Work for You

Erectile dysfunction is not a self-contained disorder. The inability to get or maintain an erection is not the only issue that you may be facing when it comes to ED. Some causes of ED that may be beyond the help of PDE5 inhibitors are vascular diseases, prostate infection or inflammation, prostate cancer, low testosterone, or diabetes.

Oftentimes, treating ED involves a lot more than simply popping a little blue pill before sex. If you are dealing with erectile dysfunction in Baltimore, and have tried medication with no success, make an appointment at Pinnacle Men’s Health in Baltimore. We can create a customized treatment plan that can help you overcome ED.